Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A Church and Pool Hall

Foxtrot - Week 6

Foxtrot in Halloween week: crazy costumes, menacing and creepy make-up. This is an occasion for a ghoulish wedding (of corpses brought back to life?)!  They resembled distant relatives of the Adams family!

Our team wished to express their connection through an intricate and elaborate arrangement performed to Hozier’s Take me to Church.  But during training Danny is struggling as his teacher – bossy chick pushes him to the next level.

Aaaay...bend your kneeees...this is not the cha cha”! Says bossy chick. 

Danny finds the routines a bit frustrating.  “When you start dancing you realise you have a lot of body and lots of limbs that need directing. Yes Danny.  Quite.
 At the same time Oti wants to play mind games.  It is Halloween after all! Let’s hope there are no frights on the night. Ha ha.
Must just take a selfie before we take to the stage

On the day, the wedding begins well then calamity strikes! One stumble and it was gone! Scores 7*8*7*8 - their lowest to date.

At least Craig Revel Horwood recognised the potential and told the pair "it could have been a 10". Ah that elusive 10!  

Our team has done so well up to now and with a staunch fan-base, they live to fight another day. But then that was not only destined, it was scripted. Time for review and reflection.

Week 7 - Jive

 At last we arrive at jive week, a routine that Danny has been dreaming of doing, but first he has to master the step known as the ‘sugar push’. Watching Danny sends Oti into hysterics.  

'Jive legs' and jumping over chairs - all in aid of our Saturday night entertainment. But Danny thinks he's not getting it and wants Oti to stop laughing at him.
But before he can get down to it Oti takes him to the local pool hall to set the scene. But truth be told, we suspect Oti really wants to whoop him good.   

"How good are you"? he asks. "Watch this" she says, exhibiting her mastery of the pool table. We suspect a bit of camera jiggery pokery.

Danny gets snookered but must have the last word. He hopes that he can be as slick with his jive as Oti is with pool skills then hopefully they can pocket good scores on the night.  Ha ha...right on cue!  Scores:9*10*9*10!!
At last the elusive ten.


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After that amazing fast paced Jive to Cagey Strings Band's Long Tall Sally, time to Review and Reflect.   

Danny Mac – You’re Back!


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