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Will Someone Give this Guy a 10!

  Paso Doble - Week 3

Our dream team can feel justifiably proud of their achievements in Act I; we certainly were and could not wait for more.

They never lost sight of the enormous amount of support they received from us and from each other.
Thank you so much to everyone who voted for Danny and
 I from the bottom of our hearts 💓💓we appreciate you all; week 3 now

Week 3 - @Oti Mabuse: Just taking a moment to thank @dannymaconline for taking care of me this week! fell ill, you were amazing👏 all well now but all thanks to you.

Back in the training room it's Movie Week and #teamdoti will perform (and it will be a performance) the Paso Doble to the rhythms of "The Train/El Sombrero Blanco" from The Mask of Zorro.    

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and shoes
It's hard work in the training room but we can have some fun too!

Oti takes Danny to the Armoury at Hampton Court for a lesson in fencing to get him into the Paso groove. 

Danny decides to get his own back for all that bossing in the training room.  And Oti gets skewered! But her time will come.

At the Armoury

A man must eat

All those hours in the training room makes a man ravenously hungry. Need to hurry before the drill sergeant turns up with her whip.

You're right Divas. Should have been more careful about what I asked for. Why did you guys not tell me before.  

Oh well Danny, never mind lad. You can take it.
Just taking a few minutes here to recharge me batteries  before getting into Zorro gear

One of Danny's interminably flat jokes
"Olé" hope we did zorro justice. Thank you to everyone for your lovely messages and support every week #MovieWeek #Strictly #TeamDoti
 Oti Mabuse @OtiMabuse 9 Oct 2016 >>>>> To everyone who voted thank you so much we really appreciate your support.Couldn't be here without you! You are so important to us thank you.
 @BBC Strictly @bbcstrictly Muy bien! Through to next week, it's @Dannymaconline and @otlile_mabuse! #Strictly
 You didn't just 'make it' through guys, you 'sailed' through.  Muy bien indeed!

Act II Scene 2
Week 4 - Quickstep
As usual preparation for the next hurdle begins in the Training Room.

First out of the gate is the quickstep.
It was time to reprise a golden oldie, a touch of the Fred Astaire with Oti channelling Josephine Baker, among the first African-American women to leave a mark on the dance world.
I Won't Dance - Fred Astaire

All his life Danny Mac had 'wanted to dress like this and dance like that'...goal achieved. One off the bucket list.

Talking with Zoe B in the It Takes Two slot, Danny is ecstatic. That was his favourite routine by far. 

The  judges said: 
"That is one of the best classic Quicksteps I've seen". "A dazzling display of virtuoso dancing". Score 9*9*9*9*

The dream team had done well thus far. It seemed to the Divas that a top score was more than well deserved. That quickstep was sublime.  What the heck was going on?

Week 5 - Rumba
The next dance, a Rumba performed to Sam Smith's How Will I Know, was going to prove something of a challenge for the Mac.  

Smooth glide Danny Mac, smooth and rythmic
The Rumba calls for precision and balance with smooth, sensual curvy movements. The man can look a bit effeminate sometimes. It can be unpopular  with male celebrities on Strictly. Oh my Danny Mac you can't be shy for this one. You just have to go for it! And whatever you do, don't fall over!

smooth and slow Danny Mac, smooth and sensual 

Oti takes Danny to the circus to hone his balancing skills.

Image may contain: 2 people, night

You Smoothie you

Indeed it will Danny Mac and Oti is going to test your  mettle.  Would the ethereal Piscean bend or break under the stress and strain? 

"You may want to cower away" Danny said, but when bossy chick says "Bring It" you had better find it to bring! 

And bring it he did. True to his word, Danny Mac showed up and committed.
A shared giggle of relief...we got through it...well done she says!
"It was a masculine performance" said Len Goodman. Hurrah.

But the scores - 8*9*9*9? Hey judges wassup?  Enough already!

Especially after the quickstep, the #TeamDoti Fanworld was getting restless.

 pam tree Always feel Danny is under marked and gets a tougher time from the judges. I think he is fab
 lucy192 Under marked yet again!!!
  susanisafish_ They deserve 🔟I don't 
understand why 😍💞 

 drangelak The judges are being so harsh with Danny! 😡Will someone give this guy a 10!!!!

What would the Dream team have to do exactly to pull even one 10 out of the bag?! 

How did they do? You were just fabulous our team!

Tameka Empson, actress, was the second celeb to bite the dust. Our Team had gone through to Halloween week when the ghouls are out. Perhaps they will come bearing gifts. So best to take another brief intermission now.

[1] Acknowledgement - BBC for source material + @dannymaconline + @otimabuse + Linda Kent

 [2] Amari Blaize (Executive Editor) Maria Connolly (Contributing Editor) Maisie Rodway (Consultant Editor) Denise Guyett (Copy Editor)
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