Monday, 20 March 2017

The Live Tour

After the Christmas break and a period of R&R the Dream Team was back! Some of us were already lining up to see them at some point during the 3-week long Strictly Live Tour around the UK. It began in Birmingham and ended at the O2 Arena in London.

The Red and Gold Dress and Cinderella's Glittery Dancing Shoes told us that given the opportunity to reprise two of their favourite routines our Team had chosen the Charleston, that Blackpool showstopper This Big Band number was a performance worthy of West End billing. The second dance would undoubtedly be their record breaking iconoclastic masterpiece, the Samba.
Heartsick that the Dream Team missed out on winning the Show, the Divas hoped with every fibre of their collective being that the Live Tour would vindicate our long held belief that 'politics and things' has robbed our team of the glitterball. Many outside of the Diva's group held that view, regularly expressed on social media:
The Tour begins and is interspersed with stunning  group performances - 'Nicest Kids in Town', West Side Story, Cell Block Tango and what we call the Ballroom Feather dance.

The Dream Team's first setpiece performance is the Charleston. A professional photographer capture this amazing shot of Teamdoti in flight.

Feb 19: "the timing on this shot I got of & is just stunning...looks like she's floating!"

Followed by the Samba...

Jan 25 So fantastic to see the amazing do one if the most memorable dances ever

Your samba left me speechless the roar from the Leeds crowd said it all!  

  Feb 11Just a tad excited
 😝😝 going O2 tonight to see my 2 Faves dance 🌟❤🌟  
Feb 12 It's the final show of this entire ride. let's go out with a bang! For the LAST EVER TIME - See you all out there... X

Tamara English 12 February
Halfway update: Danny is having a blast and like a massive ball of energy that can't stop. Oti was a wreck the moment she came downstairs in Charleston clothes. Danny kept turning round and hugging her...I could see her laughing with him that she couldn't stop. When they got ready to dance, everyone hugged them and then they hugged/thanked all their backing dancers. Oti was still crying and Danny came and hugged her again. It was clearly very emotional for both of them. 

They were both tearing up afterwards and through the whole of the judges' comments (video to follow tomorrow hopefully). Len said his regret is that he'll never see that Charleston again and I wanted to cry as did they. It's so clear just how much they love each other. This isn't just a partnership for a reality TV show. It's two people who love each other and are now friends for life

Urielle Christal Kalala Tamara English thank-you sooooooo much!!!! You are a legend!!! I feel like I was there with you. Thank you for capturing all of this beautiful and emotional moments. It is so bittersweet. I am watching this with a huge smile on my face and tears in my eyes. Tears because it's the end but a huge smile because I was allowed to witness one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life thanks to team doti and share all the joy with you. It's not just them dancing together and creating magic every time they do. It's so much deeper! 

Maria Connolly Oh when I heard she was crying before they danced I filled up instantly.. I know this weekend must have been extra special and emotions running high...the tour coming to a close.. but just thinking how DOTI were feeling at that moment.. We've given so much credit to Oti for being a strong woman.. bringing Danny through this experience and that Danny is a shy boy but he equally has brought her through.. TEAMDOTI.. have journeyed and grown together.. learnt from each other.. they have been a rock for each other... Danny really was the ultimate gift to Oti and it's making me well up now.. 

Tracey Alayo WisdomTracey Alayo Wisdom Oh man. I'm feeling so emotional right now. I haven't been this invested in a pair since Sabrina and Mark on Dancing with the Stars season 6, the first season I watched. *fans eyes*

Initially our Team surged ahead with glitterball wins but were then caught and surpassed by Team Louvin. By the O2 stage the two teams were neck and neck. It went right to the wire with TeamDoti  declared the overall winner of the Tour as they picked up their final glitterball. Danny was hoisted high while Oti looked on in disbelief. She could not quite believe that they were Tour Champions.  

the - this really is something else... A weekend I will never forget!  ...
@OtiMabuse Feb 13 "Still in a bit of disbelief 🙈about being the overall Tour winner but grateful & appreciative at the same time to all... this is for you" 💟
Feb 13 It's been the best ride of my life ... and it now home time...

Reluctant to let them go, we have now to bid farewell to our superstars, our beloved #TeamDoti – two people, Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse who together touched our hearts. We will never forget them. We wish them every success in the coming years, in what we know will be amazing and sparkling careers as they both step on and up and continue to shine.