Monday, 13 March 2017

Individual Tributes

An Outpouring of Appreciation

There has been such a massive outpouring of appreciation for this dance duo that this Tribute would be incomplete without the addition of a selection, so that long after it's over we will remember how it was.

"Watching Danny dance has been an absolute joy. By far the best dancing ever seen on the show. Danny not only comes across as a talented person, but also really warm, kind and very genuine. Oti really pushed him with some tough routines and it’s clear both of them ever took the easy route or just settled. They put some much hard work and created some unique unforgettable routines which are on a whole different level to anything else we’ve seen on any series in strictly. Oti has created the best..." (Anon}

rochbfernando@dannymaconline Watching you dance has been an absolute joy. By far the best dancing ever seen on the show. You not only come across as a very talented person but also a very warm, kind and genuine soul. Oti really pushed you with some tough routines and amazing choreography and it's clear both of you never took the easy route or just settled. 

You partnered Oti so beautifully and delivered on Otis innovative unique routines and truly made it unforgettable. It is on a whole different level to anything else we've seen on any series in strictly and you will go down in history as the greatest Danny. Oti has created some of the best choreography ever to be seen on strictly and honestly no one other than you could have pulled that off. Its been so refreshing and almost healing watching you both. To me you are the winner of this show.. youve given it something no one else ever has.. You've  raised the bar so high and pushed yourself to limits I haven't seen anyone else be able to. Stunning routines. Stunning dancing.  Stunning partnership.

It's been clear as day and has been since day 1 how much you've pushed yourself and how talented you are. I really wish my votes had been enough to make you the official  winner. But regardless of the outcome... you are a winner and your performances speak for itself, you don't need a title. We will never forget any of those beautiful performances, that jaw dropping samba, that emotional American smooth, that intense argentine tango, that heart stopping show dance, that make me wanna dance salsa. Each and every performance beautiful, stunning, took my breath away Danny. 

In times of darkness when I've been having problems, watching you dance has been like a bright light. Its been inspiring, comforting and healing. So happy we were able to see your capabilities and a little bit of who you are as a person. Thank you from the bottom my heart for some of the most beautiful performances. I will eternally be grateful for what you've given me with your ability to dance so beautifully. Your talent makes the world a better place and truly puts a smile...

 charxlivia words can't explain my love, admiration and respect for you. Literally if I ever meet you I'll probably just stand there and gasp or cry or something stupid because you've rekindled a love I had for something about 8 years ago and I've wanted to do it more than ever...I'm so grateful that you've managed to do that and with such humility and selflessness and you're so funny and articulate (and obviously beautiful but we won't go there)... and I think you're such a special human being and it gives me hope that the world isn't entirely over so yep...and now I won't know what to say once you've won, and speaking of which, if you don't, I'm going to lock myself away forever and become a hermit (which isn't a threat, you can only do so much). So know that you're the rightful winner and yeah I'm going to stop talking now, I talk a lot as you can tell; goodbye perfect creation.
dawnbarrell Without a doubt the best celebrity dancer Strictly has ever seen. Oti could not have created such wonderful choreography if she had been paired with anyone else, you were in a different league! I wish I could have taken your defeat as well as you did, so gracious and first to congratulate. To me you will always be the real winner, your dances were always so exciting and emotional. Thank you.

derrinaI have never seen such an amazing partnership on Strictly, @otimabuse really brought the best out in you & you definitely should have won on your talent, determination, Oti's flawless choreography & the chemistry that nobody can manufacture. Well done both, you are winners in many people's eyes.

makemedazzlemua you are by far the best male dancer on the SCD ever, and the best I've seen across different celebrity dance competitions. Oti and you were MAGIC together, so much hard work behind, I'm sure, but you guys made it look wonderfully magical. I have lost counts on how many times I've watched your dances. You will always shine as the brightest star you are.

1jo123What lovely sentiments @dannymaconline you and the beautiful @otimabuse were a complete joy to watch from beginning to end i have never enjoyed watching a couple dance more than you two. You are a true gentleman and you have a new supporter here wishing you the best in whatever ventures come your way. Merry Christmas and i wish you much happiness for 2017 xxxx

 anna.merry1I loved working on the show this year for me it was the best so far and that's partly to all the pro dancers, contestants and their friends and family. So thank you for making my job so amazing. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I have to say ur family have been great. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to Carly but thank her for the sweets and jelly babies for me. Have an amazing Christmas and new year xx

 ivaleks@vera.rooney Strictly don't say but from some stats online it looks like Danny and Oti have finished second.I suspect it was a very close call. For me the winners always will be Danny and Oti.

Urielle Christal Kalala I know how hard oti had to work, as a women of color, to get were she is now and it inspires me and motivates me to dream and never give up on my dreams. You can live your dream no matter where you come from. Thank you for that wild child and keep shining. It's just the beginning.


And finally appreciation in the form of a life-size mural in three major cities of South Africa, Oti Mabuse’s homeland.

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