Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Amazon Musicals

Into the Amazon for One Night Only

Week 10 - Samba

 In Oti's words, this was not going to be the usual  ‘Brazil, beach and feathers' affair. No. She wanted to celebrate tribal dance in the forests of the Amazon and hoped we would find it amazing.

But first Danny Mac had to move those hips. Well...he sort of did in his debut dance, the Cha Cha. It had amazed Darcey - “a man who can work his hips...” 

But you need to step it up now Danny. We are going for masterclass level. 

To aid and encourage Oti took Danny to the local ‘Samba Happening’. Now we are ready to dance:

Oti and Danny’s Samba routine to the drum beats of Sergio Mendes "Magalenha" blew us all, including the judges away. The studio audience  exploded in riotous noise.

“Fierce like a puma; hotter and steamier than the Amazonian jungle. It was Fabulous!”

“Excellent, Brilliant”

“The Most Perfect Samba; a Master class, Outstanding”  

One judge was “palpitating, was like watching a pagan mating ritual between magnificent exotic species. Every sinew of the body was stretched to the limit, slave to the rhythm”, he said. And those hips...they were popping off Danny's pelvis!

Oti's Amazonian Samba achieved the 1st perfect score in Strictly’s 10 year history. It generated over one million YouTube views within 10 weeks.

  Week 11 - Tango

It's Musicals week and our Team is dancing the Tango to One Night Only from the musical Dream Girls. This routine was incredibly fast and Danny would find it quite hard.


To get Danny into character Oti surprised him with a visit to the set of Dream Girls at the Savoy Theatre, where he met the star of the show, Amber Riley.  The Dream Team were actually able to rehearse on the set of the musical.  Now it was back to the Strictly ballroom to put on their own show. It was spectacular!

By this point in the Strictly show Danny Mac was cool, collected, confident and in charge. He had come of age!

Although Danny and Oti were secretly worried about this particular dance, one did not tell the other. There was no need for  concern.  It was truly worthy of another full house score

Alas a couple of judges found his foot work - heel leads - lacking and The Dream team ended up two points short of the hat-trick. Still, way to go Danny Mac - 'you were the star of the show' and 'the leading man tonight', said Bruno. 

Every Saturday night Danny produced 'fantastic dancing' said Len. 'Incredible dancer' said Craig. 'It was fabulous..the character was oozing' said Darcey. Once again our team were top of the leader board, a place they inhabited for many weeks.

By this point the Team Dream had reached the semi finals and things were now serious. Two dances would be required next week. Would the Team be one of the three couples competing for that glitterball? We waited with bated breath.



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