Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Dance Off

The Semi Finals - Week 12

Our team strived hard to reach the semi-finals; Danny in particular was very focused on enabling Oti to reach the finals by being the best that he could be. Now only one process of elimination stood between them and that goal.

By the twelfth week and those long hours in the training room, the tiredness is etched on their faces.

******* The team chose to reprise the American Smooth for the Dance-Off. There is such a strong bond between Danny and Oti, and with their enjoyment of the performance, it created some unforgettable images. These are among the most sensational and memorable of all. 

Oti preparing to launch herself off a bridge into Danny Mac's arms
Take off - audible gasp from studio audience
In flight - almost there
Finally Oti lands safely in Danny Mac's arms and we can exhale

At the end of the AS routine, Bruno praises the 'exquisite storytelling'; it was 'right up' Craig's 'street' and Len's 'alley'. They loved it. Only Darcey found fault: one of the lifts looked clumsy and out of context. The Divas groaned. We knew what that meant. It was not perfect enough for Darcey. Sure enough the scores were 10*9*10*10.

At the end of the process when all the votes were counted...the unimaginable...clamity struck once again. Our team found themselves, for the very first time in 12 weeks, in the Dance-Off. A place in the finals depended on a judges' majority vote. 

The Divas were devastated. How could that be? Our team had been at the top of the leaderboard more than any other contender, and yet here they were...facing elimination. It was  absurd. The Dream Team choose to reprise the American Smooth.
Waiting for the final judgement: a sobering moment for lovers of the dream team. Surely this cannot be the end of such an amazing journey that has touched so many hearts and given so much pleasure. Then the judges declared: it's a majority vote for the Dream Team. But the result is tinged with sadness at the departure of the eliminated team.  Friendships and strong bonds have formed over three months and the sense of loss is deeply felt.

The upside though is that Danny now had what he keenly wanted...he had run the entire race and made it to the finish line. He had danced all the dances...that was the dream. He also wanted to bring that glitterball home to his best friend Oti. 
Danny and Oti applaud their opponents
@dannymaconline: Your support from day one has been so overwhelming. has changed my life & your votes have meant EVERYTHING. Thank you so much x

And thank you Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse: It has been a blast. Whether you carry off that glitterball or not #TeamDoti has been our one and only winner from day one.


[1] Acknowledgement for source material: BBC & Linda Kent
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[3] Editors: Amari Blaize, Maria Connolly, Mai-Britt Rodway, Denise Guyett 

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