Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Fire & Ice/Pain & Passion

Argentine Tango - Week 8

Danny and Oti’s Argentine tango to Marvin’s Gaye’s I Heard it through the Grapevine stands alone and speaks for itself. 

Pushing boundaries and being just a tad iconoclastic in their approach, this twosome seemed totally unfazed by Jon Platero’s astounding choreography for a dance that is distinctive for its slow, deliberate and small movements. And that song choice! Wow.  
#TeamDoti's rendition completely blew 'slow' and 'small' out of the arena and replaced it with sharper distinction, pace and panache. 

It was Entrancing! Outrageous! Insane!  Outstandingly Brilliant in execution!

The  storyline - make up your own: the young Don, about to take over the Firm from his ailing papa, is out walking with his girl

His bodyguards keep a discreet distance. Whatever his briefcase contains, it is never out of his sight. Suddenly a phone rings...

No...please don't go.... don't answer it, her gesture seems to say. Too late; the  grapevine is buzzing. The young Don hears something unpalatable about his girl.  He is beside himself with frustration and aggravation...

...And the quarrel begins, but the intimacy and raw passion of it all just sizzles.

But let us go back a step or two.  Before the row the Don was being taught to dance by his girl. Let us take a peek.

Training session in progress: it is so important that you play a really strong masculine character”.
“Is this where you have to be angry the whole time?
"No. There has to be a lot of intimacy and passion between us. It's really important we stay in hold because thats the only way you can lead me"
"There's a lot of intertwining leg flicks, kicks and steps. A lot of the time we are stuck together in the top half and have to leave enough space for our legs to do what they do.

If I can master the hold, get all the footwork right whilst being passionate and intimate..."

 ...and don't forget those ganchos Danny; the judges will be looking for them on Saturday night! 

On the night the dance was spell-binding. Whilst two  judges found it ‘frantic and busy’, in the words of judge Bruno Tonioli “it was a killer” Argentine Tango. We agree!


Every look, every gesture, every step, every stop and turn expressed the lover's all-consuming displeasure at his girl's alleged unfaithfulness.

Len Goodman was 'swept away' by the clarity of movement, the 'fire and ice, pain and passion'.  

At the end of the dance Danny gives Oti one of those super hugs for supporting him during the week.  
The judges' scores 9*9*10*10 put them at the top of the leaderboard by themselves for the first time.  It was a joyful review and reflective time with Zeebeezoobee in the It Takes two studio. 

For our team, the Agentine tango was their ticket to the Strictly extravaganza to be showcased at Blackpool.  It was an outcome that was on the one hand well deserved, and onthe other it was both scripted and destined.

"We're going to BLACKPOOL!!! I Love a beach.


➣➣➣➣➣➣➣➣➣➣➣➣➣➣➣ Amari Blaize (Executive Editor) Maria Connolly (Contributing Editor) Maisie Rodway (Consultant Editor) Denise Guyett (Copy Editor)    

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